8 Quick Ways to Combine Photos into a Collage

Have you ever wanted to create a collage of photos from your computer, but found that making one was more complicated than you thought? You need not search further, as combining photos into a collage using a collage maker online from is the perfect solution!

In this article, we’ll show you how to create your own photo collage from the comfort of your home or office computer. This is great if you have several pictures from an event or occasion that you want to display together in one place. Your options are plentiful with this method, so let’s get started!

1) Use a Free Collage Maker Online Tool

If you want to put together a quick photo collage, then a collage maker online is the way to go.’s online tool allows you to combine your photos into an impressive collage with just a few clicks. Simply upload photos from your computer, choose your background and layout design, and you’re done!

2) Use Props to Liven Up Your Image

A collage is an image made from combining different photos, but you’ll need more than just Photoshop or another editing software to create one. If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your image, just add some props. There are lots of ways to use props for all kinds of fun collages. For example, candid photos taken in front of famous landmarks can give your snapshots an air of history. And if you are creating a handmade collage, then you don’t even need actual objects. Simply cut them out from magazines and glue them onto your photos.

3) Crop Your Images

Sometimes there are parts of your photos that don’t fit in your collage. Maybe there is too much empty space that holds no visual interest. In this case, don’t hesitate to crop it out. Cropping is done by selecting an image and editing out what you don’t want. To do so, click on Select then click on Layer via Cutout or use Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard.

4) Try Out Different Layouts’s collage maker makes it easy for you to combine photos into collages. With hundreds of templates, borders, and layouts to choose from, you can customize your photos like never before. You can upload multiple photos at once or start with one photo and try out different layouts until you find something that works for you. No matter what design you choose, your output will always be HD-quality.

5) Use Grayscale Mode To Create Bold Imagery

Grayscale images are crisp and bold, which makes them ideal for showing off your work. When you’re ready to upload your favorite photos to make a collage online, try using grayscale mode. To do so, after adding images in your project editor, click Color Correction from within your editor toolbox.

6) Add Vector Graphics For An Artistic Feel

If you want your collages to have an artistic feel, try including vector graphics. No longer limited by pixels, vectors are simple lines and shapes that form complex images. The best part about vectors is they scale up or down without losing quality; compared with raster images (such as JPEGs), they look crisp no matter what size you make them. Adobe Illustrator is one of many programs that can help you create vector graphics.

7) Embed Videos Into your Collages

You can create impressive collages by embedding videos into them. All you need is an image-editing program like Photoshop or GIMP, which are both free. Download video files onto your computer, then use your image editor to overlay each frame of the videos onto individual images in a series of collages. When complete, upload these new creations to services like SlideShare or Scribd so that others can view them in their browsers.

8) Try Combining Both Text And Images Into One Design

By combining photos and text in one image, you can give viewers a better understanding of what you are trying to say. However, be careful while doing so. You need to find the fonts that match the theme or create your own ones. Also, it must be easy to read the text on your image. If not, then consider finding another way to get your point across.

Final Word

When it comes to collages, you have plenty of options. You can use one of your favorite image editing programs, or any collage maker online that’s available. However, make sure to check first before deciding on one. Some may have too many ads that get in your way when you’re trying to work, while others don’t give you nearly enough customization options..

If you are overwhelmed by the number of choices on the Internet, try’s collage maker online. It works directly on your browser without any installation. You can upload photos from your computer or snap them right from your smartphone, then edit them by adding text boxes, filters, borders, overlays, and much more. An impressive photo collage is ready for you to use in just minutes.

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