Cyber Security – Advantages and Disadvantages of Cybersecurity

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cybersecurity

What Is Cybersecurity?

ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) professionals define cybersecurity as “a layer of protection for information files, which, based on it, works to avoid all kinds of threats, which put information at risk. which is processed, transported and stored on any device ”.

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Thanks to the different tools available in this area, your system can protected from attacks, hackers or any computer crime. For this, it is necessary to update and equip the systems with the best measures.

In short, what does cybersecurity consist of ? We can say that it is the practice of defending electronic devices and systems, servers, networks and data from malicious attacks. It is applied to many elements and in different phases. It also called, information security, computer security or digital security.

What Does Cyber Security Do?

Every day, the amount of information circulating on the Internet is greater and, therefore, the risks for people, companies, etc., become evident. So that this does not happen, or can be alleviated to a greater extent, we talk about what cybersecurity is for. And that is, its objective is to guarantee the security of our “movements” on the network.

All the data stored in your different electronic devices are vulnerable and can rem attacked by cybercriminals if you do not have good security. If you transfer it to your company. The uses of that data can be devastating, losing consumers’ and even partners’ trust and, of course, creating an advantage over the competition.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cybersecurity

When investing in protection technologies, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of cybersecurity. Considering that digital media within firms is not as harmless and simple as one might initially believe. Let’s see:


On the one hand, the advantages of cybersecurity have to do with the possibility of dealing with cyberthreats both preventively (before an attack occurs) and reactively (after an attack occurs). Consequently, a firm that has the preparation and correct strategies of cybersecurity will avoid possible leaks of information and unauthorized access, as well as legal repercussions, sanctions, and, subsequently, maintain a respectable image in front of clients.


On the other hand, the disadvantages of cybersecurity generally given by the limitation that it is necessary to hire specialized personnel to have the appropriate techniques and strategies to protect the legal company’s database . This means that, without adequate advice and support. Inexperienced lawyers’ management can create security breaches and vulnerabilities in the firm’s systems.

Types Of Cybersecurity

Among the main types of cybersecurity are the following:

Computer Network Security

This type of cybersecurity refers to all those activities aimed at protection. And the privacy of the data that pass through a computer network and the devices connected to it.

Computer Software Security

This type of cybersecurity is responsible for keeping computer software and devices free from threats and security breaches. For this, antivirus, firewall, antispam filters, etc. usually used.

Computer Hardware Security

This type of cybersecurity has to do with the protection measures applied to computers and other physical devices (such as smartphones , USB sticks, hard drives, etc.). Generally, firewalls, proxy servers (intermediate) or hardware security modules (HSM) are applied.

Operational Safety

This type of cybersecurity involves all those practices, processes, and decisions to manage computer resources and data properly. It also includes the strategies and policies that will implemented in any incident or improper handling of security protocols. The idea is to tackle the most unpredictable factor in cybersecurity , which is people.

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