B2B Marketing – How Does B2B Affect Your Marketing Plan

What Is B2B Marketing?

By definition, B2B marketing, or business to business marketing, is when a company sells its products to another company and not directly to a final consumer. The services created by a given business consumed by other companies are the ones that provide them to end consumers, individually, in a second transaction. There is no direct sale, but there are intermediaries between who makes the product and who finally consumes it.

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There are notable differences between B2B marketing and B2C marketing, which is the one that focuses on a direct sales relationship between the company and the consumer. They are two markets that have many aspects in common, although there are points of discord. They are as follows:

The B2B Market Is Smaller Than That Of The B2c

In comparison between both elements, there is a greater number of private users than companies. Therefore, the market in which B2B marketing can operate is much smaller, and the possibility of finding new customers is much less. However, it has a notable advantage, since if you close an agreement with a client that is a company, the level of economic benefits that you can enter is also much higher than if you focus only on a particular client.

B2B and B2C Marketing Are Related

Both are directly related since what happens in B2B depends on how B2C marketing develops. For example, if you are a provider of machinery for making bread and your customers are the bakeries that make them (B2B). If the bakery market grows and user demand increases, B2C marketing will grow, and in relation, so will B2B. In summary, if there is a greater number of people who demand bread, there will be a greater number of bakeries that seek to buy machinery for their facilities.

Difficult Access To Customers

Companies that develop B2B marketing actions have significant challenges to overcome. As your market is in other companies that buy your products, it is difficult to segment a specific marketing campaign to reach them. Defining your target audience is not easy.

The way to access clients is quite limited in this situation. Sometimes, for their digital marketing plan to be successful, they need to make a greater financial investment and dedicate more time and effort to achieve their purposes. Thematic fairs and direct selling are two areas in which B2B companies can obtain good results in attracting customers.

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How Does B2B Affect Your Marketing Plan?

Companies that do B2B business with other companies must consider several keys for their marketing plan to work. Knowing all these sections will be a guarantee of success. It will help you grow as a business shortly, be aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and take concrete measures to correct any errors that may arise. The characteristics of B2B marketing are:

Market Size:

it is small and select, with very specific clients who demand specific and quality products.

Marketing Strategy:

there are no massive impact campaigns on the target audience. It is preferred to attend sector events, such as fairs, and there establish a personalized relationship. And a cordial and direct treatment between the commercial managers of both companies that are interested in selling and receiving the products. Generally, in the B2B field, highly important advertising channels such as traditional media or online marketing on social networks and search engines are not used.

Buying Process:

B2B business relationships are usually long and extensive in time. As these are companies that purchase a product from other companies. The purchase process includes a specific and deep analysis of the transaction. Both parties have a lot to play in their decisions, which cannot taken at random. The seller must resolve all the doubts of his buyers since these involve various departments of the company.

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