CRM: Definition, CRM Important and What Are Its Benefits?

CRM: Definition and Concepts

We already know that CRM is the short form used for “Customer Relationship Management.” The definition of CRM goes further: it is a 360º management of sales, marketing, customer service, and all points of contact.

We are in the age of the customer, of digital transformation, of new technologies. In this scenario, the relationship also evolves, leading to a new concept known as the customer experience. The concept of CRM means being customer-centric. It is strategy. It is a process. And It is a tool and technology.

The platforms are on the list of the most important corporate and innovative technologies available to businesses. Why? For the way, they use customer information to manage accounts, leads, and sales opportunities in a single location.

What does CRM do?

The CRM stores information on present and potential customers – name, address, telephone number, etc. – and their activities and points of contact with the company, including site visits, phone calls, emails, among other interactions.

Meanwhile, the platform is not just an complex contact list: it gathers and integrates valuable data to prepare and update your teams with personal customer information, history, and shopping preferences.

A CRM platform:

  • Actively track and manage customer information.
  • Connect all your equipment on any device.
  • Intelligently capture customer emails.
  • Simplify repetitive tasks so you can do more effective lead tracking.
  • Provide instant insights and recommendations.
  • Expand and customize as your business grows.

Why is CRM Important and What Are Its Benefits?

A CRM helps your company dispense with outdated processes and manual effort so your business can move forward. The platform organizes accounts and contacts in an accessible way, in real-time, speeding up and simplifying the sales process.

Instead of being stuck in reminders on yellow sticky notes or immersed in spreadsheets, you quickly and easily pass leads to your sales team. Regardless of where they are and what they are doing, each team member always works with up-to-date information about customers and their interactions with the company.

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Also, You can find more helpful resources at Businesssweb.

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