Email Marketing – As email, This technique becomes a direct channel of interest to the potential consumer. Thus avoiding sending content that is not their preference. It is significant to emphasize that although the emails are sent in bulk. In order for the user to receive it, they had to give their data previously. So there is already a predisposition.

For some time, it was considered synonymous with spam and intrusive communications, but thanks to the advancement of marketing automation tools, this strategy has become the best way to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

What Is Email Marketing Based On?

Generally, Email Marketing consists of sending emails with advertisements, business requests, requesting sales or donations, and is mainly aimed at creating that loyalty and trust between the company and the potential client, and in turn, awareness of said brand.

Many believe that with the arrival of different social networks, email was declining, but it was not, even though it is one of the oldest networks, it remains standing and stronger than ever. In fact, a survey by Pew Research found that 92% of online adults use email.

A fact that shows that email is more alive than ever is that according to MarketingSherpa, companies that send more than 100,000 emails per month see a 94% return on that investment.

It is important to emphasize that the emails that are sent are quality content and of interest to a specific audience should not be confused with spam or junk, they are emails that have a strategy behind them and are not sent without an apparent reason.


Direct Contact

The most important benefit that this technique gives us is undoubtedly direct contact with the potential client, since having that almost personal contact is what helps it become a sale.


In relation to other digital marketing techniques, the cost of an email marketing campaign is very low. In fact, there are platforms where mass email sending is completely free.


Email marketing allows meticulously segmenting what type of audience the message will take, therefore once the tastes and preferences of the buyer persona known, the message to send will be of interest to them, therefore, it is very likely that they will generate a sale.


It is no top secret to anyone that the majority of the audience wants everything quickly, this to avoid wasting time because email marketing speeds things up so that once the strategy and segmentation to offered to the client-defined, only a few will spend. minutes between clicking the send button and receiving the email from the prospective client.

Impact Monitoring

Most platforms have the advantage of being able to measure the impact that email marketing has on the potential customer, so you only have to wait a couple of hours and verify that it has had an impact or, if not, correct their respective failures.

It Has No Geographical Limit

With this technique you can reach any part of the world with just one click, making it easier to get clients internationally.

Types of Email Marketing

To optimize an Email Marketing strategy it is extremely important to know its types. Since it is thus easier to define what is the most convenient for said campaign to be carried out. Among its types some of them are:

Relational Emails:

This type of email has the main objective of creating a relationship with the public by providing them with valuable content.

An important and characteristic point of relational emails is the creativity. And variety to offered to the public, since only then can potential customers be captured. A clear example of relational emails are newsletters, welcome or thank you emails, surveys, birthday emails, among others …

Promotional Emails :

Promotional emails are not necessarily exclusive emails with the aim of selling something.

And Promotional emails can sent to encourage the lead to take some action that does not necessarily lead to a direct sale. Segmentation is also extremely important for promotional emails. In this way, the probability of achieving the objective is much higher.

A promotional email can be, for example, the sending of a free trial period, the launch of an ebook, an update offer or some special condition for the launch of a new product. Something important is that the number of promotional emails must be much less than the number of relational emails.

Transactional Emails:

They are those sent in response to an action carried out by the recipient. These can be receipts, password recovery, requested ebooks, confirmation of emails, among others …

Advantages of Email Marketing

Thanks to the high accessibility of Email, the message that you want to transmit as a company can reach a wide variety of audiences.

The messages that sent go directly to the recipients’ mailbox. Which allows you to present in the daily life of each one of them. Therefore, email involved in every stage of the customer relationship: lead nurturing, prospecting, conversion, but also in the generation of loyalty.

In What General Aspects Can Email Marketing Help You?

Email marketing can help you achieve 3 categories of goals:

  • Notoriety (make your business known)
  • Image (positioning yourself as an expert)
  • Action (sell your products and services)

One of the main advantages of email marketing is its scalability. This refers to the fact that emails can deployed on a large scale to a large number of recipients.

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