Definition of Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most active digital marketing plan. Affordable cost, ease of setup, and good ROI will make email one of the best direct marketing channels out there.

However, it is clear that this channel also grants challenges in terms of conversions and mainly user behavior, who are increasingly versed in mobile messaging platforms. The reality is that we produce 100 times more emails every day than Facebook and Twitter combined.

So if you’re looking for email marketing strategies to increase your exposure, increase CTR, and strengthen your relationship with your prospects, this article is for you.

Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Make a list of Potential Customers

If 63.9% of Mexicans have Internet access and 76.6% have a social media presence (and are willing to share information. All you get is a banned improper and little opportunity to return sales. To make matters worse, it is illegal to send bulk emails without the client’s permission. The only result for your brand is a bad reputation.

By building a list of potential customers, a company can attract qualified customers, prevent their emails from flagged as spam, build trust, ensure email delivery, and increase real metrics access.
It is an opportunity to receive quality comments that can be useful as a strategy in subsequent email marketing campaigns.

Have a Robust tool that Adapts to Movable Devices

Choosing a useful email marketing tool is critical to building trust and ensuring delivery. Look for software that offers email and metric options and is service-oriented rather than your base number. Since so many people use mobile devices, hire flexible software that adjusts the message to fit the shelter.

Be Interesting, offer Solutions, and Talk Less about Yourself

Email marketing is ideal for reaching thousands of people quickly, directly, and massively, anywhere in the world. Set the mark aside for a moment and listen carefully to the reader to see what he wants when he signs up for an email.

Keep in mind that focusing on offerings is not very attractive to the consumer, while highlighting the benefits of service through content marketing is very attractive. Another advantage of email selling is the ability to use it in a variety of customs. You can include images, music, videos, and all sorts of tools to help you grab the attention of your customers.

Get down to business and don’t send thousands of Letters

No one wants to waste time on excessive reading in the face of the daily hustle and bustle and bombardment of information. 69% of people say that getting frequent emails is a good enough reason to unsubscribe, plan carefully, and create a marketing and delivery automation schedule to determine the program.

The user will see their email as valued among so many electronic waste and think twice before deleting it. To make email marketing your friend, keep it short and only send an email when you have something useful to say.

Delivery day and time also affect results as they can have a 100% impact on clicks and conversions. Select a schedule based on analyzed metrics and A / B testing results, which we’ll discuss below.

Track Metrics and Optimize Campaigns.

The number of shipments, deliveries, returns, openings, and clicks, as well as relationships. Also, with many clicks, wasted time, several subscriptions, and marks as spam, among other things.

Transport transactional emails with real-time tracking and graphical reports also generate useful data. Approach e-marketing not as a simple information tool but as a means of better understanding the customer and determining his preferences.
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