Newsletter is one of the strategies of Digital Marketing more efficient than favor, much to improve the results of any brand.

Among them, the newsletter deserves notoriety, thanks to its practicality and competence.

In this guide, you will discover what its functions are, the characteristics that make it so efficient, and thus, create yours meeting all the necessary requirements to obtain good results.

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Shall we start?

What is a Newsletter?

A newsletter is content that is sent by email with a certain frequency to the subscribers of a blog or a website and that has the objective of informing about a certain topic.

Also known as a newsletter, this email generally contains the latest publications made, or the most important ones for the subscriber, during a certain period.

However, it can also contain promotions, news, commercial offers, and invitations to events.

What is a Newsletter for?

A newsletter has two main functions:

Send Traffic To Your Website

When sending a newsletter to your subscribers containing your latest published content or those that are most interesting to them, the probability that several of them will click on a link is high.

This probability can increase even more if you make a good segmentation among your subscribers and identify the most valuable type of content for them.

In the case that you send promotions, if they are really attractive and exclusive, it is also very possible that the reader will be tempted to visit your website.

Nurture Your Relationship With Your Audience

Sending periodic and interesting content to your buyer persona or target audience favors the building of a relationship. That is why the tone with which you communicate with him is so important.

For this relationship to be strengthened, it is important that you be careful with the amount of sales promotions you send him.

Most of the content you send out should be educational and useful, otherwise, it may take your emails as a form of email sales. Something not positive for building a relationship.

A newsletter can even achieve other complementary objectives, it all depends on what they are.

For example, inviting him to follow you on social media through a good CTA is something you can easily achieve.

What are the Parts of a Newsletter?

A newsletter does not have a mandatory structure, everything will depend on your strategy and the objectives you want to achieve.

However, the following skeleton can be considered to have a parameter to follow. For this we will use an example of the newsletter that we send weekly to our blog subscribers:


The subject is extremely important within a newsletter, your open rate will depend on it .

How many emails do we receive daily in our mailbox? Many rights? It is impossible to read all of them! That is why we must consider the two fundamental factors that determine whether we open an email or not: the subject and the sender.

If the sender is not someone with whom we have a close relationship, it will depend on how interesting an issue is or how much it catches our attention.

It is for this reason that special attention should be given to this field of the newsletter.


Another important part of the newsletter is the sender.

As we mentioned in the previous point if the sender is not part of our close circle of contacts, the probability of opening the email decreases.

It is for this reason that many newsletters come with the name of a person and not a company, to create rapport with the reader.


This is the first part of the body of the email. This is where the brand logo, the company name, and the web copy go, which is the link on the page where you can access the content of the email.

The web copy is very useful when the user cannot see the content of the email due to some problem with the image display.

In this case we did not put an example of ours because we usually put this information at the end.


The greeting is essential to personalize the message. You can take advantage of it to address the reader by name, using a more informal language and thus create a connection with your subscriber.


In the content you should send something exclusive, specially created for the reader of the newsletter.

It is here that all possible creativity and Marketing strategies should be used to induce the subscriber to click.

And of course, the more segmented your audience is and the more they receive content that really interests them, the greater the chances of it happening.

The ideal is not to tire the recipient, that is, to make an objective and not very extensive content. It has to be a dynamic and brief communication that invites you to read more on the subject.


As we told you before, one of the functions of the newsletter is to build a relationship. For this reason, you cannot finish it coldly.

Customize your farewell and use it to bring your subscriber closer.


It is the final part of the email, very important to show seriousness and credibility.

This is where the links to social networks, the physical address of the company, contact form, legal notices, and the link to unsubscribe go.

These are the parts of a newsletter, but as we already mentioned, it is not something rigid, Creativity and innovation are very welcome here too, for this you can do your own A / B tests.

What are the Characteristics of a Newsletter?

There are some fundamental characteristics for a newsletter to bring the expected results and these are:


Personalization allows the approach that is so much sought after. In this way, it is possible to convey closeness to the reader and allow them to identify with the information.

Likewise, the pleasant tone is an essential characteristic to win the empathy of the reader and should be part of this personalization.

Subscriber segmentation is important to achieve greater personalization. In this way, we can send you really interesting content according to your needs.

Personalization also includes the age in which you live. For example, if we are in the second half of December, the newsletter topic may be related to Christmas and the New Year.


To build a relationship it is essential to plan according to the flow of the business and adhere to it rigidly.

For example, if I commit to sending a biweekly newsletter. I must set a day for this and send it without fail.

If two per month is a lot for my business, I can only send one per month, this is not a bad thing.

The important thing is that the user gets used to receiving our newsletters periodically and with the habit he creates an expectation.

Exclusive Content For Subscribers

Something extremely important for this strategy is that the visitor to our blog or website authorized us to receive our content by email. Therefore, the interest came from him.

It is also essential to make it clear in each newsletter that this permission that the subscriber gave us, can be invalidated at any time.

Information Of Value

If we want the recipient to continue receiving our content for a long time, it is important that we send them valuable information.

Here again segmentation enters, it is very important so that the subscriber receives relevant content for him and the relationship with our brand is strengthened.


Previously we mentioned that it is important that the content sent is dynamic and this is where scannability comes in .

Creating an easy-to-read newsletter that conveys the message we want to spread at a quick glance is essential to maintain subscriber interest.

Using images, different font sizes, bold, italics, different colors, and short paragraphs can make it easier to get your message across.

Clarity And Objectivity

Just as we make it easier for the receiver to read aesthetically, we must also do the same with written content.

Being clear and objective is essential to capture and maintain the subscriber’s attention.

Another important aspect is the excess of details, many visual details can distract attention from what is really important and burden the visual aspect of the newsletter too much.


As we mentioned before, in the footer it is possible to place contact information such as email, address, both physical and electronic, telephone, and social networks.

As you can see, knowing what the characteristics of the newsletter are. And also, how important they are to achieve your goals, the next point will be much easier for you.

How to Make a Newsletter?

At first we recommend you follow the traditional format and little by little you can make innovations according to the results.

That is why measuring results is so important, to get to know what works best for your audience.

Remember that before starting you must organize yourself and stipulate a frequency. So it will be much easier to meet your subscribers.

What Examples of a Newsletter are there?

The newsletters can have the following purposes:

  • promote news;
  • announce exclusive promotions;
  • strengthen your relationship with customers;
  • increase traffic to your website or blog.

Your brand newsletter can have one of the aforementioned objectives or more than one.

You have to take into account the needs of your business. To be able to choose what can be most useful to you.


The newsletter is an economic, practical, and efficient strategy that allows consolidating a relationship between subscribers and the brand.

In addition, thanks to this tactic it is possible to increase the quality traffic. Of your website in a simple way.

Email marketing has countless advantages over other strategies and brings excellent results.

If you want to use it to increase the business opportunities of your company. Or improve the strategy you already use, download the complete email marketing ebook right now. I’m sure it will help you plan your next successful campaign!

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