Social Media Strategy – Social platforms have become a linchpin in many people’s lives and it is often where people go when they have a question, comment, or complaint about a company they have interacted with.

Does your company have a social media presence? If the response is no, it may be that you are not reaching all the potential customers you want to have. So whether you’re a social media expert or just starting out, it’s important to stay active and up-to-date to attract more customers to your business. Here are seven ways to improve your efforts.


Oftentimes, the lack of activity between large campaigns can cause strategies on a cross-platform to go flat during those time periods. Implementing internal studies is a great way to turn things around, add a spark to your social activities, and make sure you’re continually posting.

For example, let’s say you want to change the length of your posts across platforms to test engagement rates. Setting up a two-week test phase on the length of the posts will allow you to control your variables to obtain reliable and conclusive data.

Use this two-week period to test the length of your posts while controlling other variables such as time of day, pitch, calls to action, resource types, etc. Whatever element of the posts you decide to test, be sure to do it in a way that informs your decisions later.

Another route that can be taken is to create an internal goal achievement campaign. Additionally, efforts can be further promoted by creating additional short-term goals to work on over the course of 2-3 weeks.

This way you can stay consistent in posts – even more often than normal! Work with your content team and set goals for each other. Doing so can make things better and produce great results.


Promotions of the day are a great way to both create a change of pace and add a new element to your social strategy. These promotions – repeated daily or weekly activities – receive high participation and make users want to return.

The first step in creating messages that promote promotions is to identify the format you are going to use for your hook. Depending on the strategy, the culture, and so on, it could be something profound, like phrases. Or it could be something eye-catching represented by a video or photo.

The point is to create a continuous repeatable series of valuable messages. Try creating a custom hashtag for a daily or weekly promotion so users can search for it. The promotion could be an immediate hit, or it could take a bit of time to get there, so you have to be aware of it and not give up quickly!


To create a guest posting chance that benefits your brand, first identify who your guest will be. You will most likely choose a fun customer, an industry leader, a colleague, or someone within your organization who is flexible and open-minded. Then you have to decide what to do – will you be tweeting a live event, documenting a conference, or will you be taking a “day in the life” approach?

Before starting the guest posting period, make sure you have at least two meetings – one with your content team to map out the time frame in which they will post, and another with who will be the guest to discuss the content – you will have much of the scripted and scheduled content.

This will ensure that even if things don’t go well, you still have posts that will run for the day. The day it takes place, make sure your guest is clear about the plan and the strategy to be carried out. Also, make sure you have a person reviewing your different accounts throughout the day.


Another best way to add a spark to your social media strategy is with intrigue campaigns. Obviously, this tactic is easy enough if you have an upcoming event or release, but what if you don’t have any big activities on the schedule? It is not a problem. One of the best things to use intrigue campaigns is to promote content before publishing it.

Usually, a post is promoted once it’s launched – you’ll likely save those Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn messages until the content is finished, but why wait? Use intrigue campaigns to raise awareness and promote content before it even hits the web. You can even promote landing pages and deals on ebooks, videos, and fact sheets.


Snapchat has migrated from being a social platform to bring the container for a large user base. If your company is related to millennials, there is no doubt that it has something to gain from this platform. Marketing is getting easier in this medium, but it did not help its users to easily find new users. In order to use the search function in general, you must know exactly the user, and you cannot just search for hashtags as you do on Twitter and Instagram.

Luckily, the platform released snapcodes earlier in the year, making cross-advertising easier. Brands can now promote and grow up their Snapchat accounts by posting the snapcodes to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In this way, companies can introduce their existing users to new forms of interaction. By creating a Snapchat account you can:

1 – Have another channel to interact with your users

2 – Allows you to communicate with new people

3 – It will give you additional content to share on your social networks


New social platforms have been appearing with great success such as Snapchat and Instagram, and they will surely continue to appear. As a marketer, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of trendy social media.

But whatever you do, ensure that your actions are on purpose and strategic. Meerkat is an impressive platform that is getting a lot of attention and action on Twitter lately – use this to your advantage. Surprise your Twitter followers with different content and invite them to engage with your brand in a whole new way.


One way that you can keep your followers connected is by using a series of images. Images have always increased engagement on social media – it’s nothing new. But, adding a recurring element to the images you post will convey a “belonging effect” (the feeling that they are part of something) and a feeling of connectivity among your followers.

The opportunities are endless to create a sequence of images, but make sure you have a clear direction and intention regarding the sequence of the post. Make sure your users understand the context of the show, even if they haven’t seen every image. Engage them, intrigue them, and hopefully motivate them to stay tuned for the next image sequences!

My Conclusion:

When you’re in charge of social media strategy, it can feel like a tedious and never-ending process if you’re constantly posting or a huge hurdle you have to jump if there aren’t frequent posts.

However, with the correct strategy, you can employ different tactics to help you turn things around and improve your efforts. Whatever you do, you don’t sit still in social media strategy. The opportunities to attract your ideal clients are there, take advantage of them!

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