What are the Marketing Strategies and What Types?

The marketing strategies of a product are essential to obtain the desired results in the company.

Hence, it is necessary to develop strategies with which we can achieve our goals. When we talk about marketing or marketing design, we are talking about marketing, marketing, or marketing strategies.

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What are the Marketing Strategies?

These are measures to achieve specific marketing objectives, e.g., B. the launch of a new product or increased participation or sales.

To determine which marketing campaigns or strategies are suitable for us. You don’t just have to consider the company’s capacity, resources, or goals. But it is also an essential prerequisite for knowing the target or target group well. The reason is simple because marketing aims to satisfy the needs and wishes of consumers and customers.

Another important topic that should not be rejected is the competition analysis, as it can allow us to exploit their weaknesses or apply the strategies appropriate to them.

Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing or marketing strategies can be divided into four types. Those that are related to the product have an impact on pricing, sales, and communication strategies. It is known as the 4p of business marketing as it is the cornerstone we need to work.

Product Strategies

Once the relevant product/service has been described, the product strategies reflect the actions that will develop over time about the product or service.

With that in mind, it will contain another benefit or service that adds execution as needed. It must consider whether to work with a pilot product or launch it first on a small scale and then on a larger scale.

Pricing Policy

Before setting a price for a particular product or service, it is necessary to analyze the elements that must be taken into account when selecting it. In particular, both variable costs associated with production and fixed costs must be taken into account.

The reason is that a company is for profit. Therefore, to stay in the market, income must be generated from sales of which the price is an integral part. It exceeds the company’s total cost of the product or service in question.

But that is not all. In addition, any strategic deviations in a certain period must be taken into account, e.g., B. Discounts, sales promotions that ultimately help customers approve the new product or service.

Or perhaps it is preferable to choose a high price from the beginning. What can help the product or service take quality into account? Another problem to be consider around the world is the forecasting of the company’s cash flows.

Sales Strategies

For the product to be sold, it must be accessible to the consumer. This need is directly related to the product distribution strategies. Well, you need to determine if the company is the one that sells now to their customers.

Whether it will operate through distributors in all geographic or specific areas, it will also be necessary to foresee everything related to the transport, or at least who will be responsible for the hiring, without forgetting the chosen sales channels.

At this last point, it can be seen that more and more companies. Regardless of their volume, you should at least partially use the internet and e-commerce as a sales channel. On the other hand, companies like Amazon or Alibaba make it much easier for entrepreneurs to sell over the network and then distribute it.

Furthermore, all types of contracts must be concluding with resellers and agents, resellers, or wholesalers.

Communication Strategies

Communication strategies aim to convey the message to the customer, always highlighting its advantages or service.

When it comes to communication strategies, use advertising, sales, promotions, public relations, and social networks. Not only the communication costs have to be taking into account, but also the target group.

You also need to determine the image of the product or service you want to project, including the brand, logo, name, etc. It also applies to the idea of the company.

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