Mobile Marketing – How Does It Works And Its Challenges

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a form of digital marketing to address a company’s potential users and customers via mobile devices. To make this possible, mobile marketing optimally prepares all relevant content accessed by a computer for mobile devices.

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How Does Mobile Marketing Work?

Effective mobile marketing designs and places the content in such a way that the customers addressed directly. As a direct mobile marketing measure, companies could use advertising SMS, emails, mobilecoupons, social mediamarketing, or an in-house app that appears on potential customers’ screens as a push notification. The relevance of advertising SMS, in particular, is increasing steadily. With a very high opening rate, SMS is the medium that is most likely to be perceived and read by customers.

Also, you can send bulk text messages to cover your worldwide customer base and cut costs.

But email marketing should also adapt to mobiledevices and adjust the content to be seen directly on a small screen. Mobilemarketing offers an advantage over other online marketingmeasures: the location function. The location functions on mobile devices allow companies to design their marketingstrategies based on the location. The location-independent accessibility of the consumers, who sit constantly and regularly at their mobiledevices and have them with them almost always, is considered an outstanding advantage over othermarketing measures. The customer can interact and communicate directly with the company to contact the customer personally and specifically.

What Are The Challenges In Mobile Marketing?

However, there are also challenges in mobilemarketing that companies have to overcome if they want to advertise successfully and efficiently on mobiledevices:

  • The biggest challenge of the mobilemarketing team is the high demands on responsive web design. The content and content must adapted to different display sizes and, especially when using images, optimally resolved and of the highest quality. At the same time, the loading time of the respective website should be as short as possible. The dynamic structure of mobile advertising content should guaranteed despite smaller display sizes. For example, advertisements placed between the page content and not on the side edge as on a desktop.
  • Due to the location-based service, mobilemarketing occasionally comes under criticism about specific data protection topics. Since advertising can personalized and adapted in the best possible way through mobilemarketing. Companies try to collect customer data comprehensively. The advertising and content should accordingly dose. So that the customer can receive a benefit and added value from disclosing his data also watch this movie: don’t judge

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