Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots

Among all the casino games, slots titles are the most popular. Most casino lovers are ardent fans of one or two slot machines. The games typically come with a simple play style and different mechanics.

For slots, there are two distinct ways to play them. For one, you can settle from the comfort of your home and launch online phone slots from an online casino. You could also visit a retail or land-based slot machine and enjoy the reel engines in motion.

A significant feature of the difference between the two is the physical touch. Land-based slots or “one arm bandit” allow you to insert a coin and drag the lever, which is absent on online slots.

Let’s compare which of the two provides much fun for you, stating reasons including pros and cons of each.

Online Slots

Online slots have become more fun, especially with the rise of technology. The ease of getting a smartphone device has now triggered an exodus from retail casinos to the online version. Some of the top benefits of playing on online slots include:

  • Different slot games to play. Unlike offline casinos, players on online casinos have an almost limitless number of  slot machines to choose from. Players can access lots of  software providers that offer amazing games.
  • The bet size has been significantly adjusted. Some slots offer a maximum bet as high as $100/
  • Increased payout due to the presence of bonus features.
  • You can play from either your PC, mobile, or tablet. You no longer need to travel long distances to visit a retail casino to play.

While these features make online slots a favorite, it comes with risks too.

  • It could become an addiction if not controlled.
  • Fraudulent online casinos can scam you of your funds and refuse to pay you the cash prize.

Land-based Slots

Unlike their online counterpart, land-based slots are fast losing their popularity. Firstly, no one wants to travel long distances to play at slot machines that may be outdated and need an upgrade to meet modern standards.

However, this does not mean land-based slots will be out of the market soon. Here are some of its pros.

  • Some casino players still prefer the ambiance and excitement associated with offline casino play time.
  • All slot machines in this category carry the original idea of a slot game.
  • Land-based slots are more immune to fraud and can be used to help players gamble responsibly. For instance, the betting size of most slot machines is capped at $2.


When considering all factors, especially with the present state of society, online slots are in the majority. Playing online slots offers more advantages like a higher payout, increased selection of slot titles, and a considerable house edge reduction.

However, if you do not want to miss the excitement of playing physical casino games, the land-based slots are still your best bet. That does not mean that software developers are not currently developing a means to enjoy the ambiance of an offline gaming experience through the use of Virtual Reality.


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