What is Product Marketing?

Definition of Marketing

The general definition of marketing includes all measures in the company that stimulate sales. The orientation towards the needs of the customers plays a central role. Customer orientation is the be-all and end-all in all marketing activities.

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Definition Of Product Marketing

Product marketing is the sub-area of marketing that analyzes industries and markets to develop, market, and maintain products and services based on demand and often forgotten – to eliminate. The terms productmarketing and product management can use as synonyms.

Product Manager Duties

The main tasks of the product manager include information, planning, control, and coordination. His actions based on the current phase of his product’s life. B. with gathering information about the target group, their needs, their needs, possible competitors, and relevant trends. Typical tasks of a product manager are:

  • Product development
  • Management of product offers throughout the product cycle
  • Coordination and planning of projects
  • Creation of market and competition analyzes
  • Development of pricing, smartsheet pricing plans and billing models
  • Implementation of process analyzes and optimization
  • Sales support

A product manager’s profile cuts across many areas, such as quality and process management, project management, controlling, marketing and PR, and classic sales work. His cross-sectional function makes him an all-rounder in the company.

Methods In Product Marketing

The 4 policies of Marketing
Working in product management requires dealing with marketing concepts. A marketing concept based on the so-called 4Ps of marketing:

Product policy

The product policy defines the positioning of the product, its product benefits, the brand essence, and the USP (unique selling proposition), as well as product packaging and design.

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Price policy

The product manager decides in the price policy between cost-oriented or market-oriented pricing and determines the price strategy.

Communication policy

The communication policy defines the advertising media, content, promotional campaigns, direct marketing, and product-related public relations and press work.

Distribution policy

The distribution policy determines the sales channel, directly or indirectly (via a sales agent/dealer), and the principles of the sales system (centralized or decentralized). The ongoing control of the goals defined in the marketing plan is crucial to recognize deviations as early as possible and to be able to act accordingly.

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