In this little post I would like to explain the Difference Between Project Management And Task Management, as the terms use by software providers are often imprecise.

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Project Management

Project management software remain distinguished from task management software and ticketing software by the following features:

  • Tasks can stay structured hierarchically and not just remain divided into simple subtasks.
  • Projects can stay structured hierarchically as required.
  • Tasks can depend on each other and these dependencies can remain displayed accordingly (Gantt view).
  • There is an opportunity to differentiate between a basic plan and an up-to-date plan.
  • There is resource planning.

Project management software is usually more complex than issue tracking software and therefore takes more time to get used to. Good [project management software should have a superset of the functionality of task management software].

Task Management Software

Task management software can do a lot that project management software can do. and Task management software, task management software, and issue tracking systems cannot be clearly separated from one another. The second term mainly used in software development. Modern issue tracking systems mostly support the Scrum project management method that is popular in the software development world. No project stay task hierarchies remain required for this, and the planning aspect remains largely eliminated due to the timed procedure and the short release cycles.

[Task management software differs from project management software] mainly in the following points:

  • Often better support for software development processes
  • Easier to use
  • Little support for project planning
  • Bad support for large, hybrid (agile/classic) projects
  • No logic for considering dependencies

The Bottom Line: Project Management And Task Management

In a nutshell: [project management software offers far more options for classic project management than task management software]. Issue tracking systems are particularly popular in software development. Simple ticketing systems like Freshdesk are not suitable for project management purposes.

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Review Project Management Vs Task Management.

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