According to some research, 68% of all web traffic starts with an organic or paid search.

If you’re interested in generating more organic traffic to your website, you should focus on improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To do that, you can use some of the best free SEO tools!

But what are some SEO tools that are free? Keep reading to find out!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics might be the largest free tool that you can use for web analytics. It’s a very robust program, and it works well with other products in the Google Suite, like Search Console, Data Studio, and Optimize.

However, there have been some security concerns on how data is used. But Google promises that your data is safe with them.

Animalz Revive

Aminalz Revive can help you pinpoint old content and improve it. Before, you had to use Google Analytics to find these pages, but this tool will rank the pages on your website that need the most attention.

One of the best features they offer is to let you see the traffic loss since it peaked. This will let you know how much your outdated content is actually costing the rest of your website.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools will help to verify your website and audit for over a hundred technical issues. Once it identifies the issues, it will also give you tools on how to fix them.

For example, it’ll let you know where you can improve your internal linking, which can help boost your SEO rating. It’ll also let you know what your site’s organic keyword rankings are.

You’ll be able to tell who is linking to you as well. However, you’ll only be able to have 5,000 crawl credits for each project per month with the free version.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool for webmasters and for SEO users.

This tool has a really easy-to-use dashboard that will display all of the important information you’ll need. It’ll give you some of the same data that Analytics would give, but it’s more straightforward and easy to understand.

You can’t tweak the numbers as easily as with Google Analytics, but you can easily access them.

One thing this tool really focuses on is link data. You’ll be able to keep track of any backlinks that might be hurting your SEO.

Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero helps you find problems if you’re missing keyword data. It uses a lot of advanced mathematics and machine learning to figure it out, and it’s not always a perfect system.

However, it can give you some really valuable data that will help you take a step in the right direction.

With this, you’ll be able to use about 2,000 sessions per month on the free version.

Seed Keywords

With Seed keywords, you can do research on which keywords to use for your business. You’ll be able to put a seed keyword into the tool, and you’ll get an output of terms that are closely related.

However, the problem is that every business will be doing this process. Seed Keywords comes in and answers the questions of how your customers would search online.

So you can type in your seed keyword, hit Submit Query, and then the tool will let you know what people have actually searched on Google. Once you find a good seed keyword, search it on Google to see how many people are using it or searching for it, and then incorporate it into your content!

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

This is a free toolbar that you can install as an extension on Chrome or Firefox. It’ll help you trace redirect changes, show you nofollow links, and notify you of broken links.

It can also generate reports of a webpage. It’ll analyze the word count, headers, meta description, canonical, OG tags, and Hreflang tags.

It’s free to do all of that, but if you pay for an Ahrefs account, you’ll also be able to see metrics on the keyword, like the CPC, difficulty, and search volume.

People Also Ask

Have you looked at the People Also Ask questions in a list of Google search results? This tool will pull popular questions from there and let you know how to optimize your SEO for that.

This can be another great, competitive way to find keywords. However, the tool can be slow because there will be a lot of questions to load.

Even if you don’t use this for creating your keywords, it can be a great way to give you ideas on what to write new content about.

Answer the Public

If you do need ideas for keywords, this tool will let you have two free searches per day, so use them wisely!

You can enter in any keyword and then get a long list of long-tail keywords that you can use. In addition, they’ll also let you know what some of the most common questions are!


If you enter a URL into Copyscape, it’ll tell you where else that content exists online. This will help you figure out how high your result will come up and how you can strengthen your SEO.

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Discover More of the Best Free SEO Tools

These are only a few of some of the best free SEO tools, but there are many more out there.

We know that running a business can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it on your own. We’re here to help!

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