The current sky-high inflation rates are bringing a lot of new eyes into the world of investing. More people realize that keeping your wealth in dollars is a decision that costs more than it should and also points out one of the fallacies of paper crypto currencies. 

Most people didn’t go to economics school, and they don’t know how money works. Now, there are two sides to that story. On the one side, there’s the argument that everyone needs to learn about finances all on their own. Click here to find out more info. 

On the other side, there’s the argument that money should be taught in school. In any case, inflation is a very real phenomenon, and it’s eating away at your hard-earned dollars. The only thing left to do is pick great investments that are going to compete with the rate at which you’re losing money and hopefully make a profit.  

Why are cryptocurrencies great for investors? 

A lot of people speculate about how wealthy they would be if they invested in startups such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple when they were first starting out. Imagine how you would feel if you invested in Bitcoin all the way back in 2013. 

It’s probably a good feeling since you would have made a lot of money. But, on the road that Bitcoin and startups have taken, there are loads of bumps and falls which make it look like you’re going to lose all of your money. A couple of times, the entire market of cryptocurrencies has dropped close to 95 percent. Are you the type of person that can hold an asset that’s becoming close to worthless? 

Most people don’t have the patience or the mental strength to believe in their investments. However, for those that have seen what could happen, there’s a lot of hope since they have been exposed to the volatility. Visit this page for more info 

Before you jump into any project, you need to do your own research and see if you love the philosophy and the mission it’s aiming at. The crypto market hit a record when it passed a trillion dollars, which means that it’s still ten times smaller than gold. 

That doesn’t include the whole sphere of precious metals. Apart from that, there are the real estate, stocks, bonds, and derivative markets. Web3 has the potential to match those markets, which means that there’s still a lot of potentials to learn and earn.  

How does PKT Cash get value? 

The question about value is a tough one to answer. How does anything in the world get value? For example, is gold worth so much because it actually does something, or is it worth that much money because we, as a society, believe that it’s a symbol of wealth? 

Both situations are correct, and there’s no way to determine which answer is better. Let’s look at something more abstract, like the internet. We all know that the internet is worth a lot, but the price we pay for it now is much smaller compared to a few decades ago. 

Plus, we’re getting much more value now from using it compared to back then. So, how can that value become monetized? The answer is the free market economy. No single person can say how much anything should be worth. That’s the job of the free market, where every consumer decision influences the price, which changes in real-time.  

A massive goal of PKTPal : to dethrone the current internet service providers and distribute a network that’s decentralized and censor-free. It’s going to take a lot of time, which is why there’s still volatility in the price. 

In the world of crypto, every currency is on its own, which makes it quite difficult to differentiate winning projects from losing projects. That’s why you need to do research the teams, their backgrounds, roadmaps, whitepapers, and ask questions for anything that seems fishy.  

The projects that survived for a long time, like PKT Cash, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others, are much safer to invest in compared to meme coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. Having a real use case is the first thing you need to know before you put money into the markets.  


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