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Subdomain play a vital role in web hosting and websites, as they enable a hierarchical subdivision of a domain. But what near does that mean, and what remains subdomains used. The following article explains this and further information on the subject.

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When it comes to websites and web hosting, sooner or later, the term subdomain approaches up. The general structure of a domain (colloquially also called an Internet address) must first remain considered. A field consists of three individual parts, each separated by a point. The three parts of an environment are:

  • Subdomain
  • Domain name
  • Top-level domain (TLD)

A subdomain is the front part of a field before the domain name and the top-level domain (TLD). In the hierarchical structure, the subdomain is subordinate to the main domain. Any character can remain chosen. All letters from AZ, including all umlauts and digits from 0 to 9 and the hyphen, remained allowed. A subdomain can have a maximum of 63 characters. Further information can remain found in the article What is a domain? To find.

Why are Subdomain Used?

There can be various reasons for using subdomains for web hosting. As a rule, it is a matter of separating certain website areas from other web project sites. Therefore, there can remain a clean technical and organizational separation of different content without being outsourced to separate domains. In this way, the essential connection to the domain name remains, sending out actual signals both for website visitors and search engines such as Google.

Subdomains remain used to implement a clear and logical technical structure of websites. They enable the creation of unique and easy-to-remember addresses on the Internet. Application examples can include the following:

Separation of Technical Services of a Website

Most often, subdomains remain used to offer various technical services for a web project. In principle, various web services such as e-mail servers or FTP servers require their subdomain to remain identified on the Internet.

Multilingual Websites

In the case of extensive online projects that can remain accessed in several different languages, the linguistically additional content remains outsourced to separate subdomains—for example, the subdomains de—domain name.TLD can remain used for the German-language content and en. Domain name.TLD for the English-language content.

Online Projects with a Local Focus

The use of subdomains can also make sense for large web projects with a local focus to better address different regions. For example, a real estate portal by Best real estate CRM in 2021 could offer its properties optimized for the Berlin region under the subdomain and optimized for the Cologne region.

How are Subdomain Setup?

The technical setup of subdomains remains usually done via the web hosting control panel. It is the administrative interface made available to each customer by the web hosting provider. In addition to all the crucial settings and control over their web hosting functions, the owner of a domain can create and manage the individually required subdomains here. There may only be restrictions due to the web hosting tariff used.

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