What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is an instrument of distribution, use the many companies to potentially interested parties to address and attract new customers. Telemarketing is the establishment of contact with a potential customer by telephone. This can be an existing customer or a completely cold contact. Telemarketing takes place both in the end customer market (B2C) and in the business customer environment (B2B). Depending on which target group you want to operate in, there are strict rules for telemarketing in Germany. In contrast to private customers, commercial customers can be acquired “cold” over the phone. About the exact legal situationwe will go into more detail later.

In the B2B market, telemarketing is still one of the most effective methods of customer acquisition. It frees you from the dependency on incoming inquiries – especially in times when they do not come by themselves – or when employees in sales and field service do not have time for cold calls and want to be employed even when the expected major order is again longer lets wait. In order to sell a product or service to potential customers, the sales department needs presentation or sales appointments with potential customers and customers.

What do we mean by Telemarketing?

Unfortunately, many attempts at dialogue miss the point. Therefore, we would like to bring you closer to telemarketing as a medium of dialog-oriented customer approach and explain to you examples of how telemarketing works today:

  • Telemarketing is one of the most common methods of sales support. Audio visualization used to offer customers products or services, with a personal conversation on the phone to make appointments or inquire about interests with selected addresses.
  • Telemarketing is suitable for direct sales or for promoting products and services. In this way, advertising campaigns can specifically strengthen and expanded. Market research and analysis is also a reason to conduct telemarketing measures.
  • And Telemarketing can be used to complete the customer data, to qualify addresses and enrich them with the right contact persons, to recognize potential and to arrange qualified appointments for the sales force.

The Benefits Of Telemarketing

Telemarketing in the B2B area has many advantages compared to other forms of direct marketing. Personal contact with interested parties is one of the most effective marketing measures for customer acquisition. It is the only way to address potential customers personally and to find out immediately whether they interested in a particular offer. Telemarketing is therefore ideal as an efficient tool to support sales: Thousands of potential customers can be contacted in a very short time.

Objections and questions from customers can dealt with and responded to immediately in direct dialogue. If you are interested, personalized documents will be sent, with a follow-up telephone appointment at the same time. Timely follow-up in a follow-up call is extremely important in order to continue the sales pitch and ensure that the information material sent has reached the right target person. First questions can be discussed and optimally prepared customer appointments can arranged according to individually defined criteria.

As well known, service and market proximity are just as important. As a sound knowledge of the wishes and needs of your own target group. it is a good way to meet these requirements. Telemarketing is – if use correctly – just as effective as it is inexpensive. And enables direct interaction with the desired target group. Communication by telephone offers the possibility of individually addressing the needs of the respective contact person. Determining potential needs and obtaining additional information about the customer. If you interested, you can send targeted information material. Make a tailor-made offer or arrange a personal consultation at the customer’s site.

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