When it comes to our pets we can never know or learn enough. There seems to always be either a new product on the market, a new technique to train or discipline your animals, and if you don’t know your particular cat breed you could be doing the wrong methods and feeling frustrated as to why they don’t work.

You need to continuously educate yourself, like with all things. We learn about new apps on our phones or electronic devices around the home, or research on how best to perform a specific task, so why would it be any different when it comes to your furry family member? As they age they require not only different nutrition and diet (which we will touch on later on in this article) but they do things in perhaps a less energetic manner and we could be asking too much of them.

Learning as you go is always a valuable asset, it is better to know more than less, and when it comes to giving your pet the best life they deserve and the quality you want for them, it only makes sense to know more about how to do just that.

First things first.

Learning comes from reading, researching, and communication. Talking to other pet owners is a great starting point, learning and hearing from them and their experiences, how they cope with specific situations, and what would they do differently the next time around. There are classes you could sign up for, a quick crash course in the most basic manners to care for a pet and with these topping off your CV you will offer your newfound cat love a home they will never want to leave.

There are some fundamentals to take into account to make the process easier and more efficient, let’s see what some of those are and how you can apply them to your life.

  • This is not the 5-year plan you are putting in place, cats can live for as long as 20 years and you need to not only know this but make sure you are ready for that type of commitment period. You can see here https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/how-long-do-cats-live for a brief and interesting article on the subject.
  • Having your cat spayed to prevent the onset of stray cats attending your garbage every night could be the best decision you make, and it is a quick and painless procedure done at the vets.
  • You may think you are helping them by taking away those sharp claws that scratch and hook on everything in sight, but it is their built-in defense and you don’t want to take that away from them.
  • In connection with their claws, a scratching post that they can enjoy for hours on end if they like (and save the furniture around your home) is a good purchase to have when getting your first cat. It provides some physical exertion, keeps their claws and paws healthy and in a good condition, and they can entertain themselves running and jumping on or over it.
  • Just like us, animals need some quiet and alone time, just to be away from everything and everyone for a bit of peace. Dedicate an area for your cat with a comfortable bed to relax, a fresh set of snacks, and water bowls, and show them this space till they become familiar and go there on their own to have some downtime.
  • Grooming and hygiene. Regular brushing and grooming go without saying, and if you have kids they can help too, but be sure to have vet checkups on the calendar as a regular event. See this link to learn more about when or when not to take your cat or kitten to your local veterinarian.

Grooming and hygiene.

Are you ready for a cat?

So, you have been thinking about whether or not to get a cat but something keeps you from going ahead with it, why? Are you concerned, worried, wondering if it is the right choice? Before you completely write off the decision have another think about it, and then conclude from there.

Are you ready for the full commitment that cat ownership involves, but more importantly are you financially prepared as besides the toys and accessories that you’ll enjoy shopping for, the food and medical checkups can sometimes come as a surprise to people? You may be looking at a particular type of cat, you can visit holistapet cat breed guide for help with that, then consider more specialty typed foods, nutrition, and grooming aids.  Like with people we tend to prefer certain luxuries, pedigree cats are no different.

If you are looking to get a first-time pet for the whole family including the children then it is best to sit them down and explain the duties and responsibilities that come with the little furry face they’ll soon be cuddling with on the sofa. This involves litter box cleanup, exercising your kitty either through playing or other methods you feel comfortable with, and getting the home cat-friendly.

This will be an exciting time for everyone in the home and we all know the joy and endless adoration pets bring to the table, let’s just be sure that we don’t forget to keep the ownership and responsibility factors a priority during this long-term commitment. The novelty may wear off but they still need to be looked after on month 30 just as they were treated on day 1.

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