United Arab Emirates is a territory that has a lot of Indian immigration. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why cricket has become so popular in this part of the world. Currently the UAE has an interesting national team. It also has been featured at online sports bet – 1xBet bookmaker, where even now it participates in different cricket competitions. Some of them include:

  • the ICC Trophy;
  • the Asian Cricket Council Trophy;
  • and several One-Day International matches.

The squad has had some interesting performances throughout the years. Probably the most important ones were when they won the ACC Trophy, which they did four consecutive times. They were also runner ups on many other editions of the championship.

But the UAE squad has also participated in many other tournaments. They were one of the first squads to take part in ODI matches when they were just created. In this kind of game, it is possible to visit the 1xBet bookmaker to make an online sports bet, especially when the team is having interesting performances.

History of the game in the country

As it has happened in numerous other countries, the game arrived in the UAE through English soldiers. It quickly started to gain interest among locals. However, the game dwindled in interest after the country gained its independence. In later years, the all odds cricket – 1xBet and other factors allowed the sport to regain its former glory.

As the Emirate economy exploded from  the 1970s onwards, many people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India started to immigrate. They brought their love of cricket with them, and the sport immediately started to have a second life in this part of the world. The immigrants started to create new cricket teams and competitions. They led to all the great cricket odds at 1xBet, where interesting teams can be wagered on here.

Creating a national squad

While the game arrived in the UAE during the 19th century, an official national team wouldn’t appear until 1976. The squad, which is currently featured at https://www.in.1xbet.com/live/, played its first international match ever against a Pakistani team. The visitors were winning the match, however, rain forced its suspension.

The game started to have more followers, and the first proper venues for playing the game at a higher level were built during the 1980s. Another important occurrence was the creation of the Emirates Cricket Board in 1989. From that point on, the squad would go on to the participate in many world-class competitions.

The Cricket World Cup, which is also present at 1xBet, has seen participation of the UAE squad on many occasions. Here they have faced other highly competitive teams.

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