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Triangle: A Tool for the Future

Various shapes are used on a. day to day basis. Shapes have been an integral part of one’s life . We come across a variety of shapes in our future. Shapes have been used in mathematics as they go on hand to hand. There are a variety of shapes that we come across on an everyday basis like squares, rectangles, or circles, and let’s not forget the most important shape that we come across is the triangle. The use of a triangle is not only about getting its perimeter of triangle or the area of the triangle but it comprises much more than one can think of.

Geometry is that branch of mathematics that is a never-ending field. One simply cannot think that geometry is used on a day to day basis in our future. Geometry comprises the study of shapes and sizes, position, and angles. It not only deals with two-dimensional shapes like a square, triangle, or rectangle but also three-dimensional shapes like cubes, cuboids, and many more. It is one of the oldest branches of mathematics. It comprises three types: Euclidean, spherical, hyperbolic. Shapes and geometry go hand in hand.

For now, let’s discuss the shape triangle.

Let’s discuss what the triangle is about. It is the shape that consists of three sides and the sum of all the angles of that side is about 180 degrees.

The area of a triangle is the multiplication of half of the product of the base multiplied by the height. To be more precise

Area of triangle=½ * b*h

The perimeter of the triangle can be simply taken out by adding all the lengths of the sides of the triangle.

Three parts of the triangle lie within it

  1. a) Circumcenter
  2. b) Incentre
  3. c) Median

a) Circumcenter is that point of the triangle where all the perpendicular bisectors of the line meet at a point.

b) Incentre is that point in the triangle where the line bisecting the angles of the triangle meet at a point when a circle is present inside the triangle.

c) Median is the point inside the triangle which is found by joining the vertex of one triangle to the middle point of the other side.

There are majorly three types of the triangle that are widely used:

1.Equilateral triangle

2.Isosceles triangle

3.Right angle triangle

4.Obtuse angled triangle

5.Scalene triangle

1.Equilateral triangle is a triangle that consists of three sides that are equal in length. As a consequence of this, all the three angles of the triangle also become equal to sixty degrees. In this triangle, all the parts of the triangle lie on the same point.

The area of equilateral triangle is √3/4 * a^2

This is how to find out the area of the equilateral triangle.

The perimeter of the equilateral triangle will be found by adding up all three sides.

2.The second type of triangle that is widely used is the isosceles triangle, which consists of two sides that are equal in length. The perimeter of the isosceles triangle will be found by multiplying the base of the triangle into two and adding the base of the triangle.

The area of the triangle is found out by multiplying the half base into height.


3.Right angles triangle: It is that type of triangle that comprises at least one right angle. The hypotenuse is the largest side of the triangle. The value of the other length of the triangle can be easily found by the Pythagoras theorem.

4.Obtuse angled triangle: It consists of the triangle that consists of an angle that is more than 90 degrees.

5.Scalene triangle: It is that type of triangle that consists of all the unequal lengths. All sides are not equal.

This was little about triangles to get to know more about triangles in our future, one needed to make a google search about Cuemath to clear all the doubt regarding the subject. With help of Cuemath, weak concepts of lots of students have been cleared and will be more clear in future.

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