Ways AI could Transform PR and Communications

A transformative technological intervention that holds massive potential for disruption in most traditional industries as we know them today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also making its steadfast position in the world of public relations (PR) and communications. In recent times, technology PR has brought to light the various developments and significance of AI for this field, highlighting its promising potential in the years to come.

What artificial intelligence can do is eliminate repetitive tasks through automation, thus omitting time wastage and efforts duplication, making PR and communications much more effective and impactful. There are a number of ways in which AI could transform these fields for better, some of which we will be discussing in this article today.

But first, let us take a look at some basics.

AI in PR and Communications: Why Should You Care?

Artificial Intelligence is an umbrella term for data-driven technologies that can enable machines to perform cognitive tasks like observing, writing, reading, moving, analysis and more. Many of our common present-day applications rely on AI, including virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, that use natural language processing and natural language generation to answer the user’s questions.

Similarly, eCommerce websites like Amazon deploy AI to make absolutely suitable recommendations to customers, while email service providers like Gmail and Outlook predict what you are going to type next and complete sentences for you.

Such is the relevance and application of Artificial Intelligence that when it comes to PR, there is an equally impressive scope and ability to transform the field completely. AI can directly impact the daily consumer or audience’s life, bring unprecedented efficiency and cost savings to your product and services delivery and even suggest a better approach to your communications, based on customer dynamics. According to an estimate, AI will create up to $2.6 trillion in marketing and sales alone for businesses all over the world.

How AI in PR and Communications can change Everything

The number of tools available for PR and Communications professionals might not be overwhelming, though it is continually growing. Even this limited exposure has set the stage for transformative disruption of the field in the years to come. with AI as its technological foundation. Findings suggest that if the current knowledge gap surrounding. The use and application of AI in PR and Communications are addressed. It could advance to much higher levels of adoption and revolution for the industry.

Here are some ways in which AI can transform PR and Communications in the future:

  • Natural language processing, like the one used in virtual assistants. Could remain used to produce press releases and media reports. Thus saving considerable time and effort
  • Relevant information such as names, places, email addresses, phone numbers, pin codes, events, and data. And brand names could remain extracted directly from documents. Audio and video files, eliminating the need for manually preparing such databases
  • Speech-to-text conversion can remain performed in real-time. which could come in handy during press conferences, media interviews, podcast telecasts, internal strategy meetings, and more.
  • Similarly, texts can remain converted into speeches or audio clips to complement presentations, giving audiences more options regarding how they wish to consume your content
  • AI can stay used to come up with recommendations based on customer behavior.  Recent trends, news, and global happenings. Thus giving your customers the extra edge in terms of the relevance of choice
  • Media outlets and contacts can stay automatically identified and targeted. Instead of manually generated lists. This will help expand coverage and reach. Much more in comparison to traditional norms
  • AI can be used for the automatic translation of documents, texts, and speeches into different languages. This can prove to be particularly useful if you are looking at geographic expansion. And a crisper reputation across user groups.
  • Predictive data and analysis could be used to shape media pitches. Social media campaigns and the angle you use for your stories.
  • Images and videos can be automatically tagged to make content more searchable. And directly associated with your brand. Without having to waste time manually on such tasks.

AI in PR: A Long Road Ahead

The above were just a few of the many applications that AI holds in the field of PR and Communications. There are lots of avenues to explore and several trends to emerge. That will have a far more pronounced impact on public relations and the wider business community. It is possible that there might be some applications. That we have not even thought of or talked about yet. But which will remain shaped by advancements in AI in the near future.

At the core of it all lies AI’s ability to process human language, activities, and intelligence. Thus helping automate even those processes that were traditionally considered employee responsibility. Although, From understanding customer behavior, preferences, and beliefs to providing well-researched input for campaign strategies, AI’s capabilities of knowledge representation, prediction,  computer vision, NLP, and audio-signal processing are truly pathbreaking.

For PR and Communications. AI holds vast applications in terms of personalization and recommendation systems, translation, social listening, sentiment analysis, image, and voice recognition. Speech coaching, extended reality, campaign management, and more. The conversation seems to have just begun though, with a long road ahead for myriad applications and developments. The one thing that is for sure is that AI’s benefits of automation. Acceleration and accuracy are all set to truly revolutionize PR and Communications for the better. With unprecedented developments taking centre stage in the years to come.

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