When it comes to creating a website for our business, a lot goes into it.  Hopefully, we have all heard of something called SEO – search engine optimization.  However, this is only the first step of getting views and enticing customers to stay on our page.

Hopefully, we have a team of web designers on our side to aid in this process, but there might be a key member missing from your team.  Before I touch on that, though, let me explain what Conversion Rate Optimization is and why it is so important for us.

CRO: The Basics

What you should keep in mind first and foremost is that this is different than search engine optimization.  Rather than only seeking clicks, Conversion Rate Optimization is focused on retaining consumer attention and having them complete whatever action you want them to on your website.

Now, as you are designing a page (you can get help on this here: https://www.indeed.com/career-advice/finding-a-job/what-is-web-designing) you should remember this concept.  There are a few obvious “rules” to remember as you create.

First of all, choosing an attractive font is key.  It should also be in a color that is easily visible.  I tend to go with plain black (or white, if the background is dark), but the sky is the limit.  Just make sure you draw attention to whatever actionable thing you want customers to do during their visit.

So, to conclude this section, let me give you a definition of CRO.  It is the process of increasing the number of consumers who perform a desired action on your page.  This can be a variety of things, of course.

Potential Desired Actions

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This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but I think it is a good idea to go into detail anyway!  If you are unsure, you may consult a CRO campaign expert to help identify which actions are best to try to convert into for your specific needs.

One of the most common things we want is for people to join our email list.  After all, sending email advertisements tends to be an effective way to market to customers.  You can consider doing things like offering a promotion for signing up, or a newsletter.

Another one is making a purchase.  This is also kind of obvious, but we want visitors to become customers.  This is a key point of conversion.  Enticing someone to take the plunge and make the purchase requires a fine touch.

Some other examples are clicking on a certain button, donating to a cause, or submitting a form.  Whatever you want your consumers to do, it should be the thing that draws the most attention on your webpage.  At the same time, it should not be obnoxious or overbearing.

Now, this can apply to a blog page as well.  If you run a magazine or other platform that readers can subscribe to, the end goal is to convert someone who is reading into someone a subscriber.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking CRO doesn’t apply just because you aren’t selling a traditional product!

Why an Expert?

Maybe you think you can do it yourself.  I understand the urge to try, certainly.  However, if you are staking your livelihood on a business succeeding (especially if it is an e-commerce one), a professional can help you strike the delicate balance between conversion or driving people away.

Think about it.  So many start-ups fail, particularly when they are trying to operate entirely online.  A lack of experience and knowledge can certainly play a part in this.  Having an unattractive website, however, will also lend a hand to a potential demise.

There are a lot of examples out there of this.  You can see some of them on this page https://www.failory.com/startups/e-commerce-failures.  It can help you get an idea of what not to do, at least.  Humans are incredible creative creatures and capable of so much, but we should all know our individual strengths and weaknesses.

CRO involves a lot of knowledge and could almost be called an art or a science.  You can learn about it and specialize in it – hence the fact that there are professionals in this field specifically.  They can lend a lot to a web design team.

The end goal is to create a positive user experience for your visitors that encourages them to complete a desired action.  It should not be so in-your-face that it becomes obnoxious or too much but should rather be eye-catching and appealing.

Some of the ways you can do this are in the design of the page itself.  The layout of everything will impact overall experience, as well as the headers that you use.  The content you provide should be engaging and well researched.  There are so many different approaches – and that is why an expert giving assistance can be so helpful.


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