Casinos have a fascinating history that began centuries ago. The history of gambling is as old as human civilization itself. People did gambling in Ancient times with dice and coins.

In Egypt, they played a game called Senet, which involved rolling five sticks onto the board to form a row of three pieces with no gaps. In ancient Rome, playing games like knucklebones for money was common. Now, people enjoy playing mobile casino games whenever, wherever they like.

The First Casino

Casinos were first invented in Venice by the Medici family. It was established by a man named Bernardo Buontalenti, who the Medici family commissioned to create a form of entertainment for their guests. The idea of the casino was to give people something to do with their leisure time and make money.

The first casino, Casino di Venezia legally opened in 1638 in Venice. The casino was designed to amuse people with gambling during the Venetian carnival. Only a few privileged people were allowed to enter the establishment, and there were a few rules.

The word casino originated from the Italian word “casina,” which means a small country house. The origin of the name is based on the fact that gambling was carried out in private places.

The city of Venice is where many casino predecessors were first built, as it was one of the most affluent in the past thousand years. Casino di Venezia remains the oldest casino still in operation. During its long history, the casino endured many changes.

The casino was initially intended to be a theatre. It was named Theatre Saint Moses, and in the 17th century, theatre enthusiasts could gamble during the intermissions of the plays.

This trend became popular that the theatre sparked the gambling craze in Venice. A hundred years after Theatre Saint Moses opened, there were more than 110 casinos in Venice.

At the time, gambling was controlled by the local government and provided significant income during the carnival season. Unfortunately, for many gambling enthusiasts at the time, the casino was closed in 1774 as the government felt it was affecting the locals negatively.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, Theatre Saint Moses was home to Italian royalty and became a frequent gateway spot for many people in Italy.

What the Casino Offers Today

Casino di Venezia experienced a significant renovation after the third world war2 after Venice bought it in 1946. The city reopened the casino later in 1956, featuring the setting recognized today.

The casino hosts many options players can enjoy in terms of gambling content. Around 600 slot machines and table games are hosted in the casino by sharply dressed dealers.

Historic Build-up

Other casinos include the Casino de Monte Carlo, which was constructed in 1856. It has a good reputation, which makes it one of the most preferred sites in the world.

Casino Wiesbaden is another casino that was built in 1810. The venue of the casino can be traced back to Roman times. It is the oldest gambling house in Germany still in operation.

For the first casino with a record to prove its origin, Casino di Venizia firmly stands as the oldest casino in the world after weathering storms during the past few year.

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