The data transmission speed is what all SmartPhone users claim. 4G is the new data transmission technology, which will meet the demands of smartphone users.

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What is it?

In telecommunications, 4G is the acronym for the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. It replaces 2G and 3G technologies.

This is the explanation of Wikipedia; In a more straightforward answer, 4G is the next generation of mobile data transmission.

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Why is it?

If you have a smartphone and you don’t have Wi-Fi, your browsing speed should be slower. It doesn’t matter if you’ve bought the most expensive smartphone on the market; the level of management will not satisfy your difficulties. The only element you will see is the minute circle going round in circles. 4G will make your life informal when glancing at the Internet through your mobile phone. It will respond to users’ demands, which is nothing more than the speed of data transmission.

When can we Use it?

The government has announced the tender for the spectrum available for 4G networks and 3G, which will be a respite for users.

The statement did not start when the tender occurs, but it does talk about the responsibility of companies to deploy 4G technology within a maximum of five years.

Argentina will offer 4G bands of 1700/2100 Mhz and 700 Mhz. At the same time, the space provided by Movistar after the merger of Unifón and Movicom will finally be offered free of charge since 2008, which in 2012 gave rise to the creation of Libre. Ar, a state-owned company that would lease spectrum to co-ops across the country. But it never worked.

When the plan is complete, the radio spectrum will remain high from the current 170 MHz to 380 MHz, which is only exceeded in the region by Brazil and Colombia, with 574 and 412 MHz, respectively.

What Equipment will be Compatible?

Like years ago, the pressing question was: “do you have 3G?” The same is happening today, albeit with different goals and responses.

The maximum of high-end smartphones offered today has 4G, which will remain useless if used outside Argentina on a compatible network.

How do you know if it is Compatible?

The device should clearly state that it operates on LTE band four or LTE band 17. That is, on frequencies 1700 and 2100 Mhz and 700 Mhz, respectively. However, some of the models sold in Argentina are not of the 4G version.

Beyond that, it is necessary to consider that the deployment of the 4G network will take time to complete due to the auction delays and the demand for the extension of the new network, which will first occur in the next few months: cities and most populated areas of Argentina.

Therefore, before buying new equipment, it is better to wait until the network is operational.

Norberto Berner, communications secretary, gave an idea to understand what 4G will offer once implemented.

He noted that receiving emails will be instantaneous, whereas, with 3G, it takes 2 seconds. Using an MP3 will take 1.8 seconds compared to 24 seconds for 3G.

Downloading YouTube videotapes will take 7.4 seconds, likened to 96 seconds for 3G technology, while 4G will allow you to watch HD TV, not available with 3G.

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