Company culture can be defined as a set of behavioural traits within the organization that either enhance team member wellness and business productivity or is toxic. A few signs indicate excellent company culture that would have formed over time and intentionally, particularly by upper management, and trickles down.

Here are five signs of excellent company culture.

1. Thorough Induction

When you join a company, you can tell whether the company culture is excellent by the type of induction you experience. Induction is when you’re introduced to the different departments that make up the company and are taught how each works in conjunction with the other.

Induction into your department is more thorough as you’re shown the basic ropes and tools important for producing results. Induction also includes going through the company policies and protocols involved in conduct and wellness, for example. Although most dynamics you may learn as you go, an introduction to the available space and expectations show that the company has an excellent culture.

2. Farewell Appreciation

Just as you would have been welcomed to the company through induction, a company with an excellent company culture will appreciate the time you served when it’s time for you to leave the company. One of the ways that you can tell whether a company appreciates a team member when they leave is whether they host an event appreciating the time you’ve spent with them by throwing a party, for example.

There are many different farewell party ideas for colleagues that a company can put together and celebrate the achievements and contributions to the company by the one moving on to a different stage in their work career.

3. Healthy Team Members

An excellent company culture shows in the team members’ state of mind and wellness. A company with team members who aren’t physically burnt out because of long working hours is an indication of an excellent company culture that considers that working hours don’t compromise staff health.

Excellent company culture also prioritizes mental wellness. Toxicity such as bullying, gender discrimination, racism, or xenophobia; isn’t tolerated in a company which takes a positive culture seriously. Some companies go to the extent of providing counselling services on site for those that may need the services or provide medical aid for psychological counselling.

4. Teamwork

Excellent company culture is reflected through the presence and results of teamwork. For a company to have a strong sense of teamwork which results in high product sales, the following dynamics have to be practised mindfully and become imprinted in the culture.

  • Communication

A strong team communicates the expectations, mandates, roles, strengths, and weaknesses with the end goal in sight. They are aware of the strongest and weakest links and strategize accordingly to produce the best results compared to exposing each other’s weaknesses or sabotaging each other’s efforts.

Effective communication isn’t only verbal and includes positive body gestures, respect and loyalty to other colleagues. Once effective communication is in place, the company enjoys a culture of teamwork.

  • Dedication

Each team member has to be dedicated to the cause for effective teamwork. Dedication results from different dynamics such as self-goals, company incentives and management style. If team members feel their work isn’t rewarded, acknowledged, or appreciated, dedication and morale may be low, resulting in a lack of teamwork. Rewards and incentives in the form of competitive salaries, medical aid, and bonuses are examples of how team members dedicate themselves to producing results together.

5. Low Staff Turnover

Staff turnover or lack thereof indicates the kind of company culture. If turnover is high and occurs at a rapid rate where it seems there are always positions looking to be filled, the company culture can be questionable. On the other hand, if staff turnover is low and team members are loyal to their positions and departments, this may indicate excellent company culture.

When a team member leaves a job with excellent company culture, it’s usually because of personal goals and career development rather than disgruntlement. In that case, this is when the company celebrates the team member’s growth and acknowledges the positive effect they had on the company.


Excellent company culture is evident in the well-being of the staff members. The induction is such that one doesn’t hesitate to fit into the culture, and when they leave the company, they feel appreciated. Teamwork is also an indication of excellent company culture because of the effective communication and dedication of the team. Staff turnover is low and the team members enjoy a space that prioritizes health and wellness. It’s the prioritization and appreciation of team members which, over time, builds into the excellent company culture.

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