YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and if you want to gain viewership, there are a few key things to know. 10-minute videos are too long for most people to watch in one sitting. Keep it short and sweet by editing your video as much as possible. You also need to make sure that your channels have relevant and engaging titles, descriptions, and tags. If you want more views on your YouTube shorts or any other kinds of videos, these are five ways you can get them!

1. Keep it short

10-30 seconds is a good length for a video to be watchable. They need to be able to hold your audience’s interest before they move on to the next video in their feed. With the amount of content we have on the Internet, I don’t think anyone has the time or patience to sit and watch someone’s entire life story.

2. Keep it interesting

Think of interesting things that you can do with your own hands to create something new. Use videos that have already been released as inspiration, but have your twist on them. Whether it’s with new content or just mentioning updates, you want people to know what they can expect from watching your clips. Show off a skill or talent in a fun video! You could do anything from painting, playing an instrument, singing, or other kinds of performances, and then give some tips on how viewers can get started with it too! This will get them more interested in what’s coming next!

3. Have a tag or description

Every single video on YouTube begins with a three- to the four-word title. When you release your videos, make sure that your title is relevant and engaging. You’d be surprised at how many people are browsing YouTube looking for videos with titles like “how to make s” “tutorials” and so on. Make it as engaging as possible. Tags provide an additional piece of data for users who want to find your video in the search bar on their phones, the browser itself, or other popular services like Hulu, Netflix, etcetera. If you release a video about cryptocurrency, for example, it should include keywords like “Cryptocurrency” and “Bitcoin”.

4. Post them on Twitter and Facebook

You might not be on social media all day but many people are. Post your videos there, ask for feedback, etc. Reach out to your friends and family! Many people like bragging about their kids or pets so ask if they wouldn’t mind sharing your vid with everyone they know! This is a great way to spread the word about your videos and get people to click on them. You can also encourage people to subscribe, tell them when you’re uploading the next vid, etc.

5. Engage with your community

To encourage people to watch more videos on YouTube, you need to start engaging with the community. This can be done by reacting to comments or questions that they leave on your videos or replying to content that they have shared on their channels as well. You can also comment or share content while they’re uploading a video as well, especially if you catch them at the end of the upload process. You can give your viewers a little something for free in exchange for their email address and a chance to be in your next video or give them a shout-out in an upcoming video as long as they subscribe or follow you.

This way, they’re already interested in new content from you before you ask them to subscribe so they’ll likely do it! Also, you can share a poll on social media and ask your viewers to vote. Later, in the video, reveal the results of the poll and share your thoughts on why it turned out as it did.


The more engagement you have on your channel, the higher your chance of the algorithm placing your video at the top of the list. These are five ways that you can increase your views on YouTube videos or any other kind of videos to gain a larger following. If you use these steps to engage the community, you’ll see that people are more willing to watch more videos on your channel.



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