What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing, or cloud computing, is the name given to a concept that refers to delivering computational resources offered remotely and also, in real-time. In this way, companies can access different technological services anywhere in the world. World through the internet, without the worry of maintaining a local data center.

The servers form the basis of cloud computing, which is hardware having large computational capabilities. Cloud technology is composed of a series of servers that divide their resources among them. making it possible for a server to fulfill some other attach server’s function that comes to present a failure. Or a specific need for more resources (an unexpected increase in the demand also,, for example).

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What are the Types of Clouds?

The computing resources delivered through the Cloud have three main models:

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud

These three types of Cloud have different characteristics that offer benefits for each type of business application.

Public Cloud

The public Cloud is probably the best known and also, most widely used of the three models. If you have already used a service to save your documents online, you are part of that technology’s many users.

The name “Public” comes from the idea that more than one user can use the resources of a single server, and also, even if the name may suggest a contrary idea, there is a good level of security. One of the best-known ways of using the public Cloud is ” Pay as you go, “which is also a benefit since the user only pays for the number of resources they use.

Private Cloud

The private Cloud is a model where servers are available exclusively to the end-user in two ways: on-premises, where the installation of the entire infrastructure at the customer’s location, and also, off-premises, where the infrastructure install. in the provider’s location and also, rented exclusively to the customer.

The private Cloud requires a higher level of responsibilities on the contracting company, acquiring the need for trained professionals to manage the entire environment.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud is a strategic combination of public and also, private clouds. This combination can occur in different ways, using public and also, a private cloud, two private clouds, two public clouds. Or other associations that define as ideal for each company and also, their use. Always taking into account the need to integrate two or more cloud environments.

The creation of a hybrid cloud architecture can thought to solve three main problems:

  • The correct connection between cloud environments.
  • The modernization of applications that will used in those environments to provide the correct operation.
  • The security intended to offer better protection of the environment as a whole, including everything in it.

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