One of the few things that almost all of us have in common is the possession of a smartphone. Whether you’re an Apple lover or an Android enthusiast doesn’t so much matter. The fact remains, that almost everyone in the world owns a smartphone. In fact, over 83% of the world population owns a smartphone. Additionally, over 91% of the world population owns a mobile phone of some sort or another. This astronomical level of cell phone ownership, in some ways, connects us all together. Not only that, this makes the use of a mass texting service an extremely effective form of marketing, simply because it allows a brand to connect to so many consumers across the entire globe.

Not every marketing campaign fits the bill for an SMS marketing or mass texting campaign, though. Understanding the types of campaigns that make the most sense, and are the most effective when conducted through a mass texting service will help your brand choose the right time, format, and situation for a mass texting campaign.

Announcing a new Product or Service Launch

It’s an exciting time for a brand or business team when they decide on an official date for a new product or service they’re adding to their repertoire. This excitement is often contagious with consumers as well, and makes an excellent time to design and execute a marketing campaign. A product or service launch campaign prior to the actual release date is good to stir up buzz, generate pre-sales, and get consumers talking with one another about your brand.

SMS marketing and brands that offer a mass texting service are the perfect avenue for a new product or service release date announcement campaign. A mass texting campaign is good for this type of announcement because it typically doesn’t require any user response. On top of that, with the volume of smartphone owners on the market, SMS marketing campaigns can be a great way to reach both existing, and potentially new consumers.

Mobile-Exclusive Deals and Sales

One of the tricks to creating effective SMS marketing campaigns is offering the consumer some type of value that they can’t get elsewhere other than through opting-in to receiving business texts from your company. For instance, offering consumers who opt-in to receiving text messages from your company an exclusive discount code or sales opportunity can be a good way to generate consumer interest, boost sales, and garner additional subscribers to your futures texts.

Text exclusive sales campaigns work with modern consumers on multiple levels. One of the reasons these campaigns resonate with consumers is because of the feeling of exclusivity that they bring about. Consumers feel like they’re getting a special chance and that they belong to an in-group which makes them feel good. This also can lead to additional sales actions generated through feelings of customer loyalty.

SMS exclusive deals can also be timed to either off-set or coincide with other traditional seasonal and holiday deals.

Other Updates

Many organizations in today’s day and age are relying on remote operations. This means remote delivery, online shopping, and even remote communications. Consumers prioritize transparency in the customer experience which includes being updated regularly on things like shipments.

Updating consumers on orders, shipments, or delivery status is a great way to use a mass texting service that keeps consumers in the loop the whole time.

Conducting Consumer Polls or Surveys

Getting feedback from consumers can be a little bit tricky, but with SMS marketing campaigns, it’s easier than ever to conduct consumer surveys and get their feedback in polls. By sending out an SMS marketing survey or poll businesses can collect important data on how they’re living up to consumer expectations and standards.

Through data analysis, this can lead to powerful insights that help improve campaigns and performance in the future.

Appointment Confirmations and Reminders

In a similar fashion to delivery status updates and shipping updates, consumers also appreciate appointment confirmations and reminders. When setting up an appointment or trying to schedule a service, consumers are often faced with some form of automatic technology or another. If there is no confirmation of the scheduled appointment, it can leave consumers feeling lost and confused. This can lead to a negative consumer experience and contribute to a poor brand reputation.

By texting consumers appointment confirmations upon successful scheduling, as well as reminders in the days leading up to the appointment, brands can successfully improve the virtual consumer experience.

Final Thoughts on Mass Text Use Cases

There are many different ways that companies utilize mass texting strategies. This list is by no means comprehensive, though it does cover a lot of the main use-cases and scenarios in which mass texting is effective. If your business or brand is looking for additional ways to connect with and engage consumers, SMS marketing services could just be your next step.

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