ICT applications – Today ICT has become an important part of our life. Most human activities now carried out with the help of ICT solutions. However, The reason for this is that ICT applications provide speedy and effective solutions to real-life problems. ICT can satisfy people’s lives effectively. Let’s see 3 applications of ICTs in the different aspects of our society.

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ICT Applications In Education

ICTs lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. An increase in student exposure to ICT applications in education has a significant and positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of knowledge, comprehension, practical skills, and presentation skills in mathematics and science. and social studies. Some of the advantages of ICTs in education are:

  • Images can used with ease during instruction and this improves students’ retentive memory.
  • Teachers can easily explain complex instructions and ensure student understanding.
  • Teachers can create interactive classes and make lessons more enjoyable, which could improve student attendance and concentration.

ICT Applications In Finance

ICTs have been used for many years in the financial world to automate manual systems. When ATMs appeared, they facilitated many of the tedious and repetitive manual tasks that were time consuming for employees and customers. But today finance is again at a turning point thanks to ICTs. The online banking takes a few years hogging more and more customers who prefer to avoid going to the bank offices and work directly via the Internet.

Companies can also manage receipts’ collection, the payment of taxes and other tasks directly from their offices. But new applications of ICTs are beginning to appear in finance that are going to change our way of seeing banking and finance even more. The crowdlending allows an alternative funding, or less complementary to any company and an investment possibility for anyone.

All online through specialized platforms that do all the hard work for you. And the Fintech are the ones that come now. However, technology applied directly to finance. Smartphone payments and many other possibilities are just around the corner.

ICT Applications in Medicine

The applications of ICTs in medicine are multiple. In addition to the most obvious ones, such as the use of HIS systems to fully manage health centers and hospitals, we have these other applications:

Body Scanners

A body scanner sends electromagnetic rays through a patient’s body and sensors detect how much different body parts absorb the rays. Other computer equipment uses this data to build an image of the inside of a patient’s body. Body scans allow doctors to detect and treat conditions such as tumors in their early stages, when successful treatment chances are much higher.

Patient Monitoring

Computers are used in hospitals to monitor critically ill patients in intensive care units. The patient has sensors attached to him. However, That detect changes in heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration, and brain activity. If any of these are below a preset level, the equipment sounds an alarm alerting medical personnel. The data also recorded and used to analyze changes in a patient’s condition over some time.

Organ Transplantation

Computerized databases help match patients who are awaiting an organ transplant, with organs from suitable donors.

Medical Research

Scientists rely on the storage and processing capabilities of computer systems, and how this used, to compare the genetic codes of bacteria that help identify the source of infectious diseases such as cholera, for example.

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