Power Of Your Email Marketing – About 3 billion people are estimated to use emails by the year 2023. In marketing, emails have an ROI of $42 for every $. 81% of SMBs rely on emails as their primary customer acquisition channel, 80% of companies rely on email for retention.

All these numbers point to one thing and one thing only: you must include email marketing as a crucial part of your marketing strategy! However, this certainly does not mean you will start spamming your customers’ inboxes with promotional emails. There is a more subtle and strategic approach to email marketing that you have to learn and deploy.

In this blog, we will demonstrate the step-by-step approach to email marketing and its implementation.

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Six Practical Ways to Boost Email Marketing

It should not be any astonishment that you must have a bulky and prospective email list to yield email marketing results. However, not everyone realizes that this email list should be updated regularly. It does not mean adding new clients or prospects only.

The following are ways you can update your email list to ensure better performance:

Send Re-Engagement Emails

First, scan out the disengaged subscribers. Try to re-engage them through email campaigns. E.g., try sending them “ We miss you” emails.

Spring clean your email list:

Re-evaluate the list to strain out the unresponsive contacts post-re-engagement campaign. Clear out your email list for engaged subscribers by removing redundant ones.

Segment your email list:

Segmenting your email list can boost engagement dramatically. Divide the email list into groups based on demographics and share content that tickles their interests, buying habits, etc.

Automate key emails:

Send emails consistently and promptly to keep the subscribers engaged. Examples of critical emails include welcome emails, post-purchase emails, abandoned cart emails, .etc.

Quick fact: Welcome emails have a 42.2% open rate, and abandoned cart emails have 40.1% of the same.

Set-up doubles opt-in process:

Double opt-in is the process of sending a subscriber an email confirming their subscription after they join your list. This approach solidified their interest. Customers who confirm the opt-in clearly state that they want your email.

Create Urgency

Power Of Your Email Marketing is to compel subscribers, prospects, or clients to take action. We have noticed that emails that create a sense of urgency are more successful in converting subscribers into paying customers.

The following are the ways that you can create a sense of urgency in your email:

Resolve an unpleasant issue:

When you offer a solution to a typical or recurring problem, the subscriber’s need to resolve the issue sets in and urgency takes over. Try to pitch your service or product as a problem solver.

Set a deadline:

Putting a deadline to your offer will create a compelling sense of immediateness. The fear of losing out on something or failing to grab the opportunity works as a motivation for prospects.

Offer something scarce:

“Limited-edition,” “These won’t last long,” “ Only ten left,” “ Almost out of Stock”: such expressions make the users feel that they can get their hands on something rare or scarce, which provides them with a sense of uniqueness and they act upon it.

Customize your subject line and preheader to demand action: Refer to the following examples of subject lines that have proven to work: “ Time-sensitive offer…”, “Act fast,” “Hurry! Limited period offer”, “ Instant saving,” “Subscribe now to save more.”

Personalize your Message

When you personalize your Power Of Your Email Marketing, you consider contributing demographics such as age, sex, income rate, interest, pain points, buying behavior, etc. It would not be brilliant to assume that all your subscribers are here for the same product or service.

By personalizing your email, you send a clear message that each one of them is essential to you and that your brand pays attention to them. When your prospects feel valued, they develop loyalty, which is the holy grail of every brand.

It is how you can personalize your emails:

Gather and analyze as much data from your subscribers and prospects as possible. It will enable you to estimate what it is that they expect from your brand.

Keep segmenting your email list. As discussed previously, segmenting your email list will ensure that only the relevant emails reach your target audience.

Include names, not only in the subject line but also in the email. Using someone’s first name to address them always helps to create a sense of closeness and intimacy.

Include a Video

Including video content in email yields excellent engagement, click-through rate, open rate, and conversion. Let’s look at the stats to understand this better:

An email with an embedded video can increase the click-through rate by 300%

It also reduces your unsubscribe rate by 75%

The mere mention of the word “video” can increase your open rate by 7% to 13%

Emails with videos have a 21% higher conversion rate

These whooping numbers are all verified. Thus, we recommend that you embed video content such as an explainer video or product description video inside your email. Doing that is easier with the help of advanced email marketing software. If you don’t have in-house video production resources, you can approach an explainer video production company for the same.

Add a CTA

No matter how brilliant your content, subject line, and the hook is, if you are not adding CTAs at the end of your email, you are not even close to exploiting most of your email. Call to action buttons compels the subscribers to act upon your email like nothing else.

These are a few tips regarding the use of CTAs:

  • Start by defining the end goal of your email.
  • Focus your email content and develop it surrounding the call to action button
  • Make sure your message complements the CTA.
  • Use proven power words that convert for your button.
  • These tweaks will help you derive the best results out of your CTA button.
  • Hot Tip:- CTAs are not helpful for emails only. You can use them at the end of all kinds of content. E.g., infographics, explainer videos, blogs, etc.


  • We are sharing some more email marketing tips that would help you:
  • Make sure your emails are mobile-friendly
  • Keep your subject lines above 70 characters
  • 8:00 pm tonight is the best time to send your email
  • Send emails on weekends

Wrapping Up

Now that we have touched the end of the blog, there is only one thing to be discussed: your consistency. Power Of Your Email Marketing is excellent in terms of ROI and conversion rate, but this is not a seasonal campaign. Your email marketing strategies should be up and running all year long.

If you wish to see maximum results, you have to put in maximum effort. Thus, be disciplined and never fall behind on your email marketing.

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