If you’re looking to grow your business in the South, you’re going to want to advertise in the Lone Star State, aka Texas. However, Texas is a huge place, and in order to make a huge impact there you’re going to want to plan your marketing strategy well. One of the best ways to make a big impression in Texas is with different out-of-home advertising methods. If you’re new to out-of-home advertising, don’t worry: we’ve got a list of tips on how to make the most of marketing your business in Texas.

What is Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is a term that refers to any form of marketing that a business does in order to reach consumers outside of their homes. Sure, your business could rely entirely on social media marketing, email outreach, and word of mouth, but those methods are less likely to help you when you’re trying to grow your business in a targeted new market that you haven’t explored yet. As such, it can be helpful to utilize out-of-home advertising in order to boost your brand recognition in Texas if it’s not already established there. Even if you are a Texas-based brand, out-of-home advertising can be beneficial to your business, as you’ll be able to reach an even broader base of consumers by marketing to them outside of their homes.

What Forms of Out-Of-Home Advertising Are Popular in Texas?

There are a number of different types of out-of-home advertising available for you to utilize in Texas in order to grow your brand. Some of the most popular types of out-of-home advertising opportunities include:


Perhaps the most well-utilized form of out-of-home advertising available in Texas are billboards, which you can use to display a promotional image to market your company. When searching for billboard real estate in Texas, you’ll want to focus on busy metropolitan areas, so your billboard advertisements are seen by as many people as possible.

For instance, Dallas, the third most populated city in Texas, is a great place to search for billboards given its large population and highly trafficked cultural attractions. Dallas billboards are available all over the city in a variety of formats. For instance, there are static Dallas billboards that allow you to display a single printed image blown-up on a billboard structure, as well as digital Dallas billboards, which allow you to showcase your brand with a digital image or animation that’s displayed on an LED screen. Dallas billboards are located all over the city, near popular destinations like the Dallas Zoo, Cotton Bowl Stadium, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

When deciding between static or digital Dallas billboards (or billboards in any popular city in Texas), you’re going to want to consider your budget and artistic goals for the advertising campaign that you’re running. Digital billboards allow you more freedom as to what kind of content you can display, as you’re not limited to a single static image, and can also update your promotional content remotely. However, digital billboards are typically more expensive than static billboards, and can cost a few thousand dollars more than a static billboard campaign would.

But rest assured, there’s no bad choices when it comes to reserving billboard space in Texas. Whatever type of billboards that you choose to advertise on, whether they be static or digital, you’re bound to make a huge impression by advertising in popular Texas cities like Dallas, as your company’s advertisements will get the chance to be seen by many Texas residents and tourists who visit all throughout the year.

How Do You Make Your Marketing Campaign Stand Out in Texas?

In order to ensure that your billboard marketing campaign is a success, you’ll want to come up with creative advertising materials that can help your business truly stand out. For both static and digital billboards, you’ll want to include images with bold colors, text, and photos that will easily capture the eye of people walking by. Additionally, it’s essential to include well-written copy on your billboards that’s catchy and easy to remember: find a slogan that speaks to you, and put it on a billboard in Texas to ensure that tons of people will remember it.

In Conclusion

When you’re looking to grow your business, consider including an out-of-home advertising campaign in Texas as a part of your marketing strategy. Look for billboard real estate in popular Texas cities like Dallas that are home to frequently visited attractions so you can ensure that your company gets noticed by as large and diverse of a consumer base as possible. In addition to finding the perfect place to rent billboards, you’ll also want to spend time crafting images for your billboards that include captivating photos and text to make your business even more memorable to potential customers. They say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and we’re sure that your business will be bigger than ever after advertising there.

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