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What is Debt Financing? – Definition, Benefits, Types, and More

Definition of Debt Financing

In business administration, it is understandable that debt financing is measure in the context of corporate finance, where debt capital provide to a company or other legal entity for a limited period.

In contrast to this is self-financing, in which capital is made available to the company. Debt instruments are funds of creditors.

Interest and debt financing repayments are mad at the expense of liquidity. At the same time, there are specific benefits associated with debt financing.

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What is the Difference Between Self and External Financing?

If there is a possibility of reimbursement, the corresponding budget line is part of the external financing. Therefore, include provisions, such as pension provisions, for debts.

There are hybrid forms of equity, such as a hybrid of equity and debt.

They exist when the capital stock made available to a company without the lenders’ certainty of the right to exert any influence or enforce residual rights.

What Types of Debt are There?

Depending on the duration, a division is mad between short-term and long-term types of debt financing.

For short-term loans, loans with a maturity of up to one year are includ. Examples include short-term bank loans, supplier credits, customer loans (advances), and government debt as tax liabilities.

Examples of long-term credit financing are bank loans, bonds, and bills of exchange. Another category is that of credit substitutes. Includes leasing, factoring, franchising, and forfeiting.

Internal Finance and external Finance

  • Another distinction within corporate finance is that between internal investment and external financing.
  • Internal financing is available if the source of financing is in your company. Otherwise, it is external funding.
  • It means that external financing can be part of external financing, as long as it is don through loans.
  • Or it is part of the internal financing. This the case of provisions made with benefits. As a general rule, the most significant part of external financing belongs to external financing.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Advantages of Debt Financing

  1. Remuneration, for the provision of debt capital, represents operating expenses and reduces tax liability.
  2. This tax-reducing effect is not possible with self-financing. Also, companies can use leverage to leverage.
  3. Describe the effect of an expansion debt on return on equity and return on investment for owners.
  4. The prerequisite for this is that the return on investment (= total return on equity) is greater than the interest rate on the debt.
  5. For example, a business pays a three percent interest rate on a bank loan but earns a six percent return on investment.

Disadvantages of Debt Financing

  1. Debt financing is associated with higher business risk. An increase in the debt ratio will help increase liquidity and refinancing risks in the future.
  2. Conversely, if the debt-to-GDP ratio falls, the risk of default by creditors is reduced as corporate assets cover more and more credits.
  3. As sales decline, the business may have difficulty paying interest and repayments: the risk of default or indebtedness increases.

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