Instagram has a horrible reputation for being inhospitable to links. Have you tried inserting links to your portfolio in Instagram posts? Disappointment would have been the result.

Also, how will you attract a considerable number of eyeballs to your profile? Well, only if they see your profile in the first place, they will click through!

For that, you should have a decent number of followers and engagement rate. Though it takes a considerable time to build followers and increase engagement organically, you can always buy Instagram followers from genuine websites.

A regular Instagram post cannot be linked. Nevertheless, the platform has the potential to deliver humongous traffic to your website. How?

Keep scrolling, and you will come across five tips to boost traffic to your website through Instagram.

Try the Good Old ‘Link in Bio’

If you have been posting on Instagram, you might have used the usual ‘link in bio’ statement. It is, however, the most well-known and widely used call to action for increasing Instagram traffic.

However, your bio can only hold one link. Even though you are free to update it as frequently as you want, it can be excruciating.

Moreover, if you regularly post calls to click the link in the bio, your audience may read a previous post and then go to your bio. Result? They will see a new link that has nothing to do with the story they just saw in the feed.

Well, you can use your brain here. Create a dedicated landing page for yourself on your webpage where the users can find links to multiple pages.  Rather than ceding significant traffic to third-party link ladders like Linktree, you can create one by yourself!

Now, the link in your bio will be a master link, and you don’t have to bother changing it frequently.

Direct Messaging (DM) Will Do Wonders!

Have you ever tried adding links when you DM or reply to an Instagram DM?

Yes, you can include a link in any DM chat. And the best part? In contrast to the inhospitable Instagram posts, they will be automatically hyperlinked. The person on the other end can easily click through!

And the key takeaway? You can easily share links through Instagram DM. However, people won’t appear out of anywhere in one fine day and send you a DM. To boost Instagram visibility and increase engagement, you will need to build your profile and have more followers.

Here, you can take the advantage of credible platforms out there which sell a bunch of Instagram services. You can get more Instagram followers & likes from

Add Links in the IGTV Posts

If you are using IGTV to promote your brand, you can use it to drive traffic to your website. Yes, you can include clickable links in the description of an IGTV post.

However, not everyone will bother checking the description box. To get the most Instagram Traffic, include a CTA in the IGTV title. Also, you can have a CTA in the post itself, encouraging viewers to click on the link in the description.

Link Instagram Stories to Your Site

If you have been using Instagram for some time, you might know about the swipe-up feature in Instagram stories.

If a user swipes up or clicks on the ‘see more’ option at the bottom part of the Instagram story, they will be taken to your linked website.

Moreover, for this, you may allow enough room at the bottom of the frame for the ‘see more’ option. It will make the option more visible and will urge your followers to click it.

Furthermore, you can always use ‘swipe up’ CTA stickers to encourage viewers to swipe up and visit your webpage.

However, there’s a problem. To link your Instagram stories, you must have at least 10,000 followers. Disappointed? Worry not! There are a bunch of genuine websites from which you can get real IG followers like, and meet this criterion with ease.

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Highlight Strategic Stories

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. However, you can highlight the linked ones to drive Instagram traffic for a longer time.

This tool will help you organize your stories and keep them on your profile for as long as you want.

However, highlighting every story is a bad idea. You can create a strategic collection of linked stories to drive traffic to your website.

Wrapping it Up

No doubt, you will be annoyed by Instagram’s limitations on sharing links. The worst part? Driving traffic to your site will be a hard nut to crack unless you have 10,000 followers or invest in a bio-link swapping ordeal.

However, you can easily overshadow this criterion with the help of genuine platforms from where you can buy Instagram followers. Employ these five tips, and you can see visitors flying to your website through Instagram.


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